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Summer Alps holidays - Tour de France 2014 races through Serre Chevalier

Tour de France 2014 goes through Serre ChevalierViewing the Tour de France 2014 race through our village of Monetier-les-Bains this weekend, was clearly the highlight of most of our guests holidays!...or perhaps for some, the highlight of their year!

The cyclists were going at full pelt, it was totally awe inspiring to watch them shooting past in tight packs or one by one. Being a specialist biking hotel, naturally this has been the highlight of our summer so far, after all, the Tour de France is the King of all cycle races! We are lucky enough to have it on our doorstep, more or less every year!!! 

If you missed out on coming to watch the Tour de France this year, you can always book to come to watch it next year instead! And don't worry there are many more cycle races to choose from throughout the summer in this cycling heaven. The next two are Le Defi du Granon a 12km race on 15th August 2014 and the GALIBIER 1000M CHALLENGE on 16th August 2014. Follow this link to go to our dedicated cycle page. 

Hotel Alliey & Spa's hotel rooms and the Pre des Ors apartments are the perfect place to stay during your summer Alps holidays cycling in France, for so many reasons! Here are some of the top ones:

  • Stay in the village of the Tour de France route! - call well in advance to book a room/apartment for the 2015 Tour de France race!!!
  • We are one of the only hotels in Serre Chevalier to have an outdoor heated swimming pool, described by one of our guests as a 'private Alpine paradise'. The panoramic view of the Alps from the pool is truly magnificent and can not be topped, making this the best choice in Serre Chevalier for your summer Alps holidays!
  • Flexible Menus & Hours are available in our famous restaurant Maison Alliey.
  • Use our Bike Maintenance Kit whenever you like.
  • Wash down your precious bike with our Jet Spray Bike Wash
  • We can tell you all about the amazing biking routes in the area, there are hundreds of kms to cycle in some of the most beautiful scenery for cycling in France - and it's right outside our door!
  • Do you get achy legs after a day's cycling...then you must dip into our Massage Pool with air jets and swan necks! And have a post biking Hammam to sooth your body and mind!
  • Plus, there are masseuses on site in our Spa who will transform your tired aching leg muscles into the feeling of floating on air!

Book your summer Alps holiday at Hotel Alliey - whether you are set on experiencing some of the best cycling in France, and cycling on the actual Tour de France route! Or you and your family want to explore all the other amazing summer in the Alps activities in Serre Chevalier - this will undoubtedly be a holiday you will never forget!

Link to the Tour de France website to look out for next year's route schedule: 

Call Hotel Alliey, here in the heart of cyclist heaven, to book your room or apartment now: +33 492 24 40 02